MioCARE™ offers a range of high-performance handheld tablets and wearables fully adapted and certified for heavy day-to-day use in the demanding Healthcare sector.

Providing real-world solutions, MioCARE aims to replace traditional paper administration and desktop-based legacy systems, which are still all too common in the Healthcare environment.

Using MioCARE rugged tablets, patient records and care plans can be accessed at the bedside, consulting room and at any time. This enables Healthcare professionals (HCP’s) to become more productive, reducing errors and improving the level of care provided, while reducing costs on the long-term. MioCARE devices come with Android™ for ease of use and compatibility with third part solutions.

Our Award-winning anti-microbial rugged MioCARE tablets are designed to resist multiple drops, shocks, spills & splashes offering high protection whilst remaining lightweight and attractive.

We work with healthcare professionals (HCP’s) and world renowned medical centres as well as software companies to provide tailored technology solutions that give HCP’s the specific information they need at any time.

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