MiCor™ A100 - Wearable ECG Recorder

Unique wristband with built-in ECG sensor of medical grade accuracy. Monitor your cardiac function comfortably; anywhere, anytime.

The MiCor™ A100 wearable ECG recorder is an easy to use electrocardiograph wristband that records and stores ECG measurements of your heart rhythm with medical grade accuracy. If you have symptoms that may suggest cardiac conduction abnormalities, the MiCor is the perfect solution for you. Simply press the ECG sensor for 30 seconds and your heart rate measurement is recorded and stored in the internal memory. This can later be studied by your healthcare professional.

This ground-breaking technology offers the opportunity to simply monitor your heart rhythm at home, with no restrictions on your lifestyle or activities. You can take a shower, drive a car or go to the gym whilst measuring your heart rate. So as opposed to most traditional measurements of your cardiac functions with a holter and electrodes attached to your body, this easy to use wristband reflects your real cardiac function; anywhere, anytime.

Since most traditional holter and electrodes measurements don’t allow you to do any activities that generally influence your heart rate, this innovative wristband may show arrhythmia and other cardiac abnormalities symptoms sooner. The use of it will decrease waiting time and therefore result in better and earlier treatment of your most important organ; your heart.

The device stores 30 events sets of ECG signal (30 seconds per event) and also records date and time. After syncing with your app, the information transfers from the device to the app using Bluetooth® low energy (BLE 4.0). The app displays an electrical cardiogram of each recording which you can easily print or email to show your healthcare professional or cardiologist, who can analyse and diagnose your situation.

The stylish wristband is easy to use, lightweight and comfortable to wear. In addition to the medical advantages, it also functions as an activity tracker and measures your steps, sleep and calories burned.

Users that should not be using the device:
• Users with a cardiac pacemaker
• Users with a defibrillator

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