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MioCARE™ Medication Administration

Overview & Features


Unified Communication
Integrated camera and microphone

Optional support for 2 factor authentication.

Robust/Infection Control
IP54 splashproof / 1 metre drop resistant.
Disinfect with alcohol.

Quality & Reliable Build
Providing up to 6 hour battery life with optional warranty packages.

Unified Communication
Secure environment
Flexible & Programmable
Pocket-sized with big solutions
Integrated camera and microphone for real-time collaborative communication.
Mio have developed a suite of complementary solutions to provide varying security options.
These range from full two factor smartcard authentication and access logging to simple log on solutions for non clinical use.
Mio is available to help integrate your own apps and solutions to the MioCARE™ environments providing you with full flexibility around your clinical pathways and collaboration tools. This allows the device to be used with solutions including logistics tracking and dictation.
Ergonomically designed tablet developed for healthcare environments. The innovative handheld that's responsive and light with healthcare led deployment solutions to improve clinical workflow.