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MioCARE™ Medication Administration

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What SD cards are compatible with the MioCARE™ devices?
Please click HERE for a full list of supported SD Cards.
Which barcodes are supported?
Please click HERE for a full list of supported barcodes.
Is there an SDK Available?
It can be downloaded from:
Where can I download the latest IMAGE?
How can I install Google Play / Google Market?
The MioCARE™ tablets are intended for Business use, not Consumer. As such they do not come with Google Play integration and it is not possible to download and install Google Play on the devices. It is however possible to download standalone apps (.apk files) and install them on the tablets.
No data is returned when I scan a barcode. What’s wrong?
Please check HERE to see whether the barcode you’re trying to scan is supported. If it is supported:
  1. If using your own app, check your code. Refer to the documentation in the SDK for more info
  2. If not using your own app, make sure the setting are set correctly:
    1. Go to the Apps list
    2. Open “Barcode Reader Config”
    3. Set “Key Message” to “Type Writing”
    4. Press the “Save” button
When I scan, the laser is only a red dot as opposed to a red line, why?
The laser is different depending on the version of the device:
  1. A100 has a 1D barcode reader, the laser will be a red line.
  2. A105 has a 2D barcode reader, the laser will be a red dot.